Wednesday, 12 December 2012

First half recap

What I have learnt this have term.
In media this half term we have studied lots of things by going over things we might of done last your and some new information. With the course being split into two sections of moving images i.e.; film and static images i.e.: film posters.
For the film section of the course I have learnt how to analyse a film trailer successfully using Valadmir Props 8 characters and his 31 functions. The film trailer that we used was James Cameron's Avatar and then we picked other films that we thought fitted Propp's theories. Another part of the course that I learnt was how to identify stereotypes in TV programmes and how the programmes are assigned to a particularly type of audience. We also learn't about narrative in film and texts and how you can see them.
In the other half of the course I learnt about how films all fit into certain genres and that films can merge into other genres. I have also learnt how certain codes and conventions for each genre are seen and can be spotted in all films of that genre and those themes keep reappearing. I have also learnt about different types of research to find out information that you want. I have also learnt how to successfully deconstruct and analyse a film poster and say what certain points on the poster represent. I have also learnt how a film is constructed using Mise-en-scene and how the all of the parts of the scene need to come together to make it work.