Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Research Methods

There are two types of research primary and secondarySecondary research should include good materials that consist of examples and arguments that would help support your research. Secondary could be found on the internet, textbooks, scholarly journals, audio visual experiences.With Textbooks you would use the index/reference page to found the information quickly.  Text books are reliable and have well established ideas in themScholar Journals are quality controlled so they are often reliable and are good for specific information.  They are also found quite easily on Google scholar which is a database that has thousands of different articles.
 Newspapers and magazines are a good source of research as newspapers and magazines keep up with the changing opinions of people. Good examples of this are The Guardian newspaper as they offer both sides of stories. Although newspapers are often written directly for people so the articles might be biasedTelevision documentaries are a good source of secondary research as you can get first hand quotes from the documentaries about the subject. The documentaries or televisions can be biased as they are edited to fit a certain point of view. Good examples on where to find information could be BBC Iplayer.Social networking is a good secondary research method. Items like Twitter is good as you can get a quick and easy response. Although the views could be biased as it might not be them. Blogs for example might be reliable as it could be done by a professional are by anyone who has a interest in the subject

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